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How to sell

Selling Affordable

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Selling car hire can be a fantastic way to generate extra revenue as many customers travel for up to 2 weeks. It is really easy to sell car hire, we have put together these useful facts, information and tips to help you with your sales!

Save money as the price of a 1-day excursion you could rent a car for an entire week

Explain all the benefits to the client to prompt the sale
Locations, we offer over 30,000 worldwide!

Limited availability in High Season for popular locations, so book early to guarantee your car rental
It will be cheaper when I get to my destination'' statement is a myth. Advise clients that you will be booking a guaranteed  pre-booked rental  with no hidden extras
Need insurance freedom, offer Supermax/Maxi insurance

Golfers always need a car on their bookings for easy access and freedom to visit the golf courses and remember space for the golf clubs

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