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Learn and boost your sales

People are often unaware that they might have developed conditions such as Total Car Hire Confusion. We recommend familiarizing yourself with car hire jargon.

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Car hire sale: Before, During and After check lists.

Before (pre-op assessment)

Advise your customer to book car hire at the same time as booking holidays
to avoid high season lack of availability which occurs in many locations

They can avoid the hassle of trying
to book at the airport or in resort
by booking early

Make them aware that they save money by booking car hire. For the price of a 1-day excursion they could rent a car for an entire week. Even if they just need transfers, it could be cheaper than a taxi from the airport to a holiday resort

By hiring a car they will be free to visit more places and explore more of the area

Does the lead driver have a valid credit card in their name?

Have you checked the age restrictions of the rental?

Do they have a  clean UK/International Licence for over 1 year (or as per suppliers T&C’s)?

Advise on deposit and excess?

Offer the Supermax or Top Up Maxi insurance. If they decline make sure you advise what is not covered in the rental price

Have you advised on fuel policy?

Does the customer require additional drivers or a full tank or fuel?

Advise on items payable locally
Is the rental a one way?


Does the customer require any special equipment such as child seats or a sat nav? Offer BubbleBum

Does the customer have any endorsements on their licence? Check with a sales consultant for rental eligibility

Remember luggage! Advise on a car that is big enough for all of your customer’s travel belongings

During (the procedure)

Supermax/Top Up Maxi can be added anytime before pick up date

Advise on Affordable Car Hire 24/7 emergency number 0787 6683 924

Any amendments/cancellations to be
e-mailed in to

After (after care and recovery)